Handicraft Skill Development for Empowerment of Women

Promotion of human rights through market based skill development

Promotion of human rights through market based skill development



Our Process

IUC has identified high value markets for Handicraft sales in urban areas of Nepal and many foreign countries. In Nepal, there is a growing market among the middle class women and men in urban centers in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Dharan that seek out quality handicrafts in contemporary styles and are willing to pay a premium. When we receive a particular order of handicrafts, we carefully create a process that needs to be followed in order to give our customer a feeling of complete satisfaction with our work.


  • This is one of the most important aspect of our process. The team should consists of people that fit our target category, i.e. economically poor, handicapped, underprivileged and living below the poverty line.

  • After team is selected, the type of design required is finalized by making certain sample pieces using various different colors and patterns. This gives the client a few different choices to choose from. Market demand is also researched intensively and in certain cases, the design will vary according to the country where it is being exported to.

  • The sample pieces are presented to the client and finalized via photos, or by invitation in person.

  • All existing teams are called for a visit in a common place. Those participants that have completed their training phase will be allowed to sit in production team whereas those who are new or haven’t had the required training are required to sit for intensive training where they are taught by previous students that have gone on to lead the various teams. 
    Each and every one of the participants have to make the first piece perfectly. Until it is passed by the instructor, they are not passed and must continue the training.

  • Only those participants that have passed the training are allowed to join the production team where they will create various products for various clients from all over the world. 
    Here, the wool is collected from the distributor. Careful considerations must be taken in picking the right type of wool for the product that is being developed. The capacity of the team is estimated and the quantity of production is adjusted accordingly. 

  • After the production team finish making the required amount of products, a quality check is performed on all the project. Usually only 50%-100% of the pieces make it though quality check and the rest of them have to be reworked on. 


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  • K & B Women's Handicraft

    K & B Women's Handicraft

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    Social Welfare Council Nepal

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    UNESCO Federation Nepal